Trifels-Foto Ch. Gamio

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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage des Fördervereins 
Trifelsfreunde e.V.

Im April 2014 wurde der Förderverein der 'Trifelsfreunde' gegründet, mit dem Ziel der Erhaltung und Pflege sowie einer ansprechenden zeitgemäßen Nutzung der Burganlage.

Der Förderverein möchte mit eigenen Mitteln sowie den Zuwendungen von Mitgliedern und Sponsoren in Kooperation mit der GENERALDIREKTION KULTURELLES ERBE RHEINLAND-PFALZ (GDKE) die gesetzten Ziele zum Wohle der Burg Trifels und für seine zahlreichen Besucher und Gäste sicher stellen.


English speaking Visitors Short History of the Castle
Welcome to all English speaking guests!

Established in 2014, Friends of Trifels Castle ('Trifelsfreunde') is a nonprofit co-operating association supporting the district's ongoing efforts to improve visitor services.

Trifels Castle is unique. It has been witness to, and often played an important role in almost 1000 years of often turbulent history, up to and including the 20th century.

It is our intention to preserve this attraction and awareness of its significance for future generations. In order to do so, and in co-operation with the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate (GDKE), we aim to raise funds to provide information about Trifels, support cultural events, secure and maintain its protected historical monuments, undertake activities aimed at improvements around the castle, and to encourage in particular young people to qualify as castle guides, also in foreign languages.

We offer guided tours of Trifels Castle in German and English, as well as in other languages. Tours should be booked in advance. Any “walk-in” tour requests will be based on availability, only.

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